About Me

Name: KhueTu Tran (Call me Little Winter cause I’m cheesy like that)

Age: 21

Ethnicity: Vietnamese

Star Sign: Sagittarius


Views on C-Novels: Most suck and have annoying leads (like Tang7’s female leads,) but the good ones are like drugs…Addictive…Agonizing

Marital Status: Single, independent woman (aka fictional males set my standards too high so forget about it)

Favorites: Wipe Clean After Eating, Silent Separation, Our Second Master, You Are Still Here

Favorite Authors: Twentine

Life Status: horny/needy and back from hiatus

Best C-Novel Male Leads: Second Master, Lu Jun, He Yi Chen, White Phoenix, Ink Crow, Zhang Liang, Cheng Zheng…So far

Worst C-Novel Male Leads: Everyone else

Best Korean Male Leads: Wang So (4th Prince,) So Yi Jung