About Me

Name: KhueTu Tran (Call me Little Winter cause I’m cheesy like that)

Age: 21

Ethnicity: Vietnamese

Star Sign: Sagittarius


Views on C-Novels: Most suck and have annoying leads (like Tang7’s female leads,) but the good ones are like drugs…Addictive…Agonizing

Marital Status: Single, independent woman (aka fictional males set my standards too high so forget about it)

Favorites: Wipe Clean After Eating, Silent Separation, Our Second Master, You Are Still Here

Favorite Authors: Twentine

Life Status: horny/needy and back from hiatus

Best C-Novel Male Leads: Second Master, Lu Jun, He Yi Chen, White Phoenix, Ink Crow, Zhang Liang, Cheng Zheng…So far

Worst C-Novel Male Leads: Everyone else

Best Korean Male Leads: Wang So (4th Prince,) So Yi Jung



24 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Oh! I’m also a university student, though I am almost a year older I think. Good luck in college in the fall!! Textbooks are way expensive so I hope you don’t have to buy the new editions for your classes! xD Have fun writing!!


    1. Uggggh, I dread just thinking about the textbook prices. ><
      Oh cool! I'm glad to see someone around my age here. I don't want to be the only child.

      Care to share where you're from? You don’t have to of course, I’m just curious about my readers’ ethnicity. 🙂


  2. I’m from CA as well, and I am a senior in college. Graduating in June then off to the real world! I am Cambodian, but all my roommates are Vietnamese so I eat a lot of goodies from time to time 😀 Hope college treats ya well! You learn to be more independent and ramen becomes your go to food always haha

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  3. Hiii, Little Winter. I live in FL (endless UV rays), and I’m Chinese, though I can’t speak a word of it sigh. Is you profile pic Gackpo?

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    1. Heeey squinty~
      Ugh, I’m going to FL this summer for a family reunion and I will need to cover myself up a lot if I don’t want a tan.
      Yes it is Gakupo.


  4. Hello!

    I’m from NY, emigrated from China at a young age, university student now! I speak 3 dialects of Chinese but my reading skills are subpar…so translation blogs are a heaven to this starving bookworm 😜 I refresh my WordPress app wayyy too many times to check for new postings, can’t wait to read yours!

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    1. Hi luvly3r!
      It is really cool that you can speak three dialects of Chinese. I can only speak one bashed up dialect of Vietnamese lol.
      Haha, you have no idea how many times I refresh my email just to hope for new comments. xD


  5. hi, i am from central europe, cannot speak a word chinese, but love c-novel translations. best i love the strong female protagonist from modern times who timetravels to ancient times and shows there the real women charm. chichichi. and i am really looking forward for the stories here (timetravel not required. chichichi). thank you for your efforts and i hope we will have lot of fun together.


    1. Hi there! Welcome to “Asia” lol. Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough, but she did not travel through time. The two characters are supposed to represent the two countries “China” and “Vietnam” in human forms so they are technically immortal. 🙂


  6. oh, so its really inovating. i lack all the knowledge about asian history but it will be more mysterious for me. chichichi. i am looking forward


  7. Hi, bearbear from Canada here~ (that’ll make me a polar bear xD)
    Just saw your blog and I love the whole layout!
    I’m curious, is there a community platform like a forum to discuss c-novel translation?
    I just discovered that people wanted to read c-novels in English a few days ago and I’m super stoked to translate and talk to people in the community!

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    1. Thanks, I actually think the way I designed my blog to be quite lovely as well. -shameless- Oh, I am quite new myself so I’m not sure about it much, but I noticed that people love to discuss as Shushengbar and at the comments section in various blogs. Also, some bloggers have their personal contacts. I cannot wait to read your translations. 🙂


      1. LOL, if you did it well you deserve to feel great about it! xD I couldn’t figure out how all those complicated things worked so I went with the simplest template I found. But man, every time I see that guy in the picture there playing Weiqi >~< he's so pretty!
        Yeah, I discovered Shushengbar a few days ago, but I wished there was a better platform for everyone to mingle and communicate, like a forum or something. I'm just really interested in talking to people about translation. 😀


      2. Talk to me any time you wish. ^^ He is one beautiful man isn’t he. I have a ton of beautiful bishounen boys art stacked up in my files. 😉
        Yes! It is sooooo difficult to figure out wordpress’s mechanics and everything. I have to thank Hamster428 for helping me out.
        Out of curiosity, are you Canadian Chinese? 🙂


  8. I know! Apparently wordpress.com sites can’t use plugins and blah blah blah… I’m not gonna bother. So far I figured out everything I needed, but not everything I wanted >~> It’s ok, I’ll deal with those later.
    And yup, I’m Chinese Canadian but I’m not a CBC (Canadian born Chinese) xD
    I was looking at my stats page and saw that most of my readers were from the States while Canada’s in second place. xD


    1. Do you mind using my email for further replies? ^^
      I feel like there, wec an have a more lengthy, detailed and fun discussion. Also, I have some things to ask and comment about the Chinese game the man in my picture is playing that really frustrates me. xD


  9. Hi, I am a Chinese from Singapore and just a few years older than you. 😀 Nice to see you and I love reading fantasy novels but it takes a toll on my brain lol so I mostly read modern Chinese novels and sometimes, period novels (simple ones)! I just can’t remember names and the relationship map well so novel in a modern setting is the best solution for me. 😀


    1. Hahaha, I love both ancient and modern, but currently creating an ancient series so I am pretty sure my new novel isn’t to your taste. I will look for a new modern novel after this though!


  10. Hello I’m a book lover and I think I’m the oldest here so far I love reading translated novel . I’m still new in Chinese novel I started last year and my fav so far is GU man .


  11. Hi!

    Another older cnovel fan here~

    Originally a Chinese-American from NYC (fellow American); lived there all my life but have moved to Australia since last August.

    My first foray into cnovels were reading the translations to Jin Yong’s books, but didn’t begin reading them in their original language until the novel translations for 步步驚心 halted in 2011. Hehe, I prefer listening to radiodramas and audiobooks over reading if I can get away with doing so because most books are in simplified Chinese whereas I have a better understanding of traditional characters. 🙂

    A few of my favorite authors are the usual: Tong Hua, Tang7, Gu Man, and Stepmom


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