[March 2016 – Allure] Lee Joon Gi – Interview

The Sunny Town

Do not take out. Do not screencap.

Do you remember where our last interview was?
Hm, wasn’t it in Canada ?

In the plane from Canada to Seoul. While getting through severe air turbulence.
Indeed! I had just been discharged from the army, right? I had dreamed a lot about it, but reality was different. Haha. Air turbulence is the scariest thing in the world. Seems like I’d hate to lose everything.

A lot of time has passed since then. Many stuff happened to you, right?
Regular stuff. I shot a project each year. The biggest change is that I got older.

Isn’t getting older a gift for an actor? Especially for men.

I think so too. I hope my age will mix well with the projects I will shoot. I want to find projects like that.

How about last year? You beat your turbulence fear and were busy shooting…

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