Bian Gi (Prologue)

A year into the future…


Loud ambulance sirens howled into the night as nurses and doctors rushed the cart carrying a bloodied and seemingly lifeless male into a local hospital in Seoul.

People looked on with gazes of either pity or resignation as they raced the cart into the emergency room. One of the elder nurse pressed a warm towel firmly on what revealed to be the completely severed right arm of the unconscious patient.

Once the door shut so that surgeons could get busy as fast as possible, the elder nurse was dismissed.

The harsh sound of entrance doors being slammed open got the nurse’s weary attention. A young girl came dashing wildly in. She was disastrously dressed as she had on a simple, but bloodied white t-shirt and simple flip flops in the middle of winter as footwear.

Her face was tear-stained and utterly stricken with panic and misery. Running towards the emergency room demanding to be let in, the young woman was immediately contained by guards.

Poor thing. She is in relation to the injured man perhaps…The elder nurse thought privately while helping lead the woman into the waiting room. She then left to find her a glass of warm water.
Once the nurse was out of sight, the girl sunk to her knees, letting the sharp pain of cold, marble floors course through her bones.
Sobs shook her body whole.


“Forgive me…I am so sorry.”

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