1/2-Way Around the Moon Chapter 4

So I was finally able to convince my mother to read my favorite black-bellied boss and secretary genre novel: “Wipe Clean after Eating” and she laughed a lot even at the beginning of the novel. That just totally confirms my excellent tastes. 😛

The only sad part is that my mom refuses to believe He Xia(female lead) is plain or “ugly.” That just shows how society still cannot except that less attractive people can find love or be a main character. 

Normal words = present

Slanted words = past, word emphasis and thoughts

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1/2-Way Around the Moon: Introduction!

So, here we get to the original reason as to why I created this blog in the first place. It wasn’t for reviews or English translations although there will be some of those. After reading plenty of Ancient East Asian mangas, manhuas, manhwas and novels, I was inspired to write some of my own ancient fantasy East Asian fiction. This, of course, counts watching all those Chinese Wuxia dramas since childhood thanks to my parents.

Hamster has allowed me to co-administer with her on her blog so you will see my work and translations here.

This new novel of mine is called “Half-Way Around the Moon” inspired by a song called “Nửa Vầng Trăng.” Continue reading