Bian Gi (Chapter 2)

Korean airports are a huge contrast to Vietnamese airports. While Vietnamese airports were small and narrow, Korean airports were large, pristine and futuristic. The Vietnamese staff had basic looking uniforms, but the women wore elegant Ao Dai. The Korean staff were generally taller with, in my honest opinion, more professional uniforms. The women were beautiful in their sky blue outfits.

I walked through the bustling crowd of people. I saw families happily greeting each other while lovers and spouses got emotional after having not seen their partners for a long time. There were a lot of posters with different names written boldly to attract the other passengers who got off.
One white sign caught my attention when I saw my name written in plain but audacious black ink. The woman looked exactly like the picture in her email profile. She was young, but perhaps younger than me by a few years, medium height, pretty, and her hair was stylishly cut into a short bob that was bleached blonde. This was the Japanese woman who agreed to be my roommate deeming me in her words, ‘trustworthy enough’ to share the rent with her.

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Bian Gi (Chapter 1)

If I had known life would play me this way, I would have made the wise decision to pay more attention to the Buddhist sermons my mother often preaches whenever my brother and I do or say something that displeases her.

Had I realized that if I wanted something too much, fate would mess with me by giving me the very opposite of what I wished for. That could have saved my helpless ass so many times.


The now…

My name is Bian; Bian Nguyen. Before you ask, no. I am most definitely not Chinese although the surname Nguyen probably gave that away. It is not everyday a Vietnamese girl is named a name as unusual as Bian. Mai, Thao, Linh perhaps but Bian? Nah.
When I learned that the meaning of Bian was ‘secret,’ I was dismayed. What was mother thinking of giving me such a wannabe edgy and dark name? It did not suit my usual (as I like to think) cheery personality at all.

I never thought that in my life, I would learn to appreciate the meaning of my name later on.

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Bian Gi


“A foreigner…A young Vietnamese girl coming here to South Korea with hopes of making a career out of being a makeup artist? It’s not like this is unheard of. Quite the opposite actually as we have too much of these inspiring youngsters these days who probably grew up with a silver spoon in their mouths.”

Bian bristled at the cocky tone from her once upon a time, favorite actor in all of Asia, directed at her.

“Tell me,” He continued nonchalantly. “What have you got that makes you so different from the others that you think you can work any skills you might have on the A-listers of Seoul?”

Bian Gi (Prologue)

A year into the future…


Loud ambulance sirens howled into the night as nurses and doctors rushed the cart carrying a bloodied and seemingly lifeless male into a local hospital in Seoul.

People looked on with gazes of either pity or resignation as they raced the cart into the emergency room. One of the elder nurse pressed a warm towel firmly on what revealed to be the completely severed right arm of the unconscious patient.

Once the door shut so that surgeons could get busy as fast as possible, the elder nurse was dismissed.

The harsh sound of entrance doors being slammed open got the nurse’s weary attention. A young girl came dashing wildly in. She was disastrously dressed as she had on a simple, but bloodied white t-shirt and simple flip flops in the middle of winter as footwear.

Her face was tear-stained and utterly stricken with panic and misery. Running towards the emergency room demanding to be let in, the young woman was immediately contained by guards.

Poor thing. She is in relation to the injured man perhaps…The elder nurse thought privately while helping lead the woman into the waiting room. She then left to find her a glass of warm water.
Once the nurse was out of sight, the girl sunk to her knees, letting the sharp pain of cold, marble floors course through her bones.
Sobs shook her body whole.


“Forgive me…I am so sorry.”

Of Clans and Statuses

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Introduction: This little fic was inspired by the real life story that was raging in the news in Japan during 2007-2008. It’s extremely late to talk about this, but better late than never because it’s still quite fascinating to me to this day.
You can read more about it with this link if anybody is interested 😉


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APH: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (Chapter 1)

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I will start off by saying that I am not back into the Hetalia fandom, but after watching a certain Korean drama (and a few others cause I’m just in that belated phase pls no judge,) I am in desperate need of closure. I was inspired by this idea of using the characters of South Korea and Vietnam (cause why not) to parody the couple of Wang So and Hae Soo (ship name: SoSoo) from Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

To any readers who have already seen the drama or at least the Chinese version, Bu Bu Jing Xin, you all already know how it goes so you can welcome the…Uh angst again and suffer with me lmao. I should warn though that I am not going word for word or the exact plot of both dramas. I am only adding pieces that I enjoy with twists of my own.

Without further ado, enjoy~

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[March 2016 – Allure] Lee Joon Gi – Interview

The Sunny Town

Do not take out. Do not screencap.

Do you remember where our last interview was?
Hm, wasn’t it in Canada ?

In the plane from Canada to Seoul. While getting through severe air turbulence.
Indeed! I had just been discharged from the army, right? I had dreamed a lot about it, but reality was different. Haha. Air turbulence is the scariest thing in the world. Seems like I’d hate to lose everything.

A lot of time has passed since then. Many stuff happened to you, right?
Regular stuff. I shot a project each year. The biggest change is that I got older.

Isn’t getting older a gift for an actor? Especially for men.

I think so too. I hope my age will mix well with the projects I will shoot. I want to find projects like that.

How about last year? You beat your turbulence fear and were busy shooting…

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So why do people like Bai Qian Qian from 10 Miles of Peach Blossoms again?

I kind of want to slap her quite frankly and watching some of the drama (did not finish cause it was intolerable) did not help matters in the slightest.

Was she supposed to be a ‘strong’ heroine? Cause consuming a shit ton of alcohol, being a privileged immortal supposedly ‘most beautiful,’ acting like a total bitch towards everyone, lazing around and basically being a neet is not what I think of when I think of strength.

But that’s just me.